Hearts connected to each other as seen in the 
representation of Borromean rings

Trei vieti (eng: Three lives) is an NGO founded by a group of medical students, currently located & activating in Iasi, Romania. Their main purpose is to raise awareness among potential blood donors and help the medical sector as much as possible by unlocking blood reserves and helping with overall management in donation centers. 
This is my first and only project where I've participated in both the naming process and visual identity creation, as a freelancer. The final result revolves around the number three, emphasizing the potential number of lives saved by one single blood donation and illustrating the subtle link we might have with one another at the same time. For the visual representation, I've found inspiration in the Borromean rings - where the removal of one ring leaves the other two unconnected - emphasizing more on the necessity of collaboration between us.
Creative fields: Logo design
Client: Asociatia Trei Vieti, 2017
Image source: facebook.com/TreiVietiRomania
Credit: © Cristian Istrate | www.istratec.com
Image source: facebook.com/TreiVietiRomania
© Cristian Istrate | www.istratec.com
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