Analog captures more of the raw moment and does not give you any chance of overthinking that shot. It doesn't feel much of a photography challenge, but one of capturing a certain mood filtered through the perception of the photographer and it becomes an exercise of appreciation for the moment as it was captured. 

Vibes, vibes, vibes

Somewhere in Morocco

Driving to Sahara desert

Touchdown in Barcelona

My favourite travel companion 

Somewhere in Bucegi Mountains, Romania

Varkala, India

Swimming in the Arabian Sea


Sunsets in Varkala (India)

Nashik, India

Shivaani and her magical apperance

Mountains in Romania, again

Sundays in Nashik

"Do what you want" they say

Iasi, Romania


Fes, Morocco

Sahara Desert

Oh, these two

I drove and I drove 


This guy

My favourite part of the world

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