Baia Mare's brand identity for the candidacy for the title of European Capital of Culture was one of the most exciting and complex projects I've worked on. The advertising & branding agency Argo was my creative nest at that moment and the one that provided the right context and guidance for this project to happen. After the development of the logo & symbol, I've worked together with my senior colleague in art direction Lucian Lupu to develop all the candidacy materials. 

The challenge was to combine the multitude of creative and cultural directions of the program with the background of the city rooted in tradition and historical values. The final shape of the logo consisted of intercalation of symbols representing culture, film, art, and craft within the Dacian knot - a symbol chosen as a reference for this part of Romania - Maramures County. 

Creative Director: Ioan Dan Niculescu
Senior Art Director: Lucian Lupu
Artistic Director: Vlad Tausance
Creative Fields: Visual Identity
Copyright: ARGO Creative Agency, 2015

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