I am a multidisciplinary professional mingling around different areas in the creative industries. With a history of account & project management, I am now pursuing digital strategy as my full-time activity while managing creative projects as an independent designer. Branding is my soft spot and even though I have a degree in both interior and graphic design, I'm mostly self taught in visual identity design.
I avoid comfort zones, love a good challenge and believe that most of the time, creativity is an act of courage. 

starting 2019 - digital strategist at Grapefruit
2017 - 2019 account manager at Grapefruit
2017 - 2019 community builder at Ladies, Wine & a bit of Design  
2014 - 2017 co-founder of Design cel Mare NGO & organizer of various local creative events
2013 - 2016 jr. art director followed by account manager at ARGO creative agency
Read all about it on my LinkedIn profile.

My short Google life
PIN Magazine

Unsolicited random trivia
• Left-handed, life feels unfair when I use a pair of scissors
• F*ing love being a digital nomad. I've lived in four different countries so far, both in Europe and Asia
• Horrible sense of direction, Google Maps is my best friend
• Avid reader on psychology books and Buddhist philosophy
• Too disciplined for my own good

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